Can You Start a Business in a Recession? December 13, 2022, 1:00pm EST December 13, 2022, 1:00pm EST

What do Uber, Airbnb, Instagram, Venmo, FedEx, Trader Joe’s, Burger King, and Bath & Body Works have in common? They all started and grew during a recession. Economic downturns can be good for business and good for startups.

Are we entering a recession now and can you start a business in a recession? History tells us that the biggest opportunities await in hard times. Markets become hungry for something different, something better, and more efficient.

You’ll learn the following:

  • What are the unique advantages for entrepreneurs in recession times?
  • How do small business owners weather the storm and even flourish?
  • What should I be doing now to prepare or pivot?
  • Why is now a great time to create and find startup investments?

About the Presenter(s)

Allen Clary

Allen coaches and speaks nationally on the topic of startups and entrepreneurship. Founders he has worked with have raised more than $20M in early-stage capital.

Startup Enthusiast, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Author
Start a business in a recession