Starting Your International Business: What You Must Know and Where to Find It September 16, 2013, 1:00pm EDT September 16, 2013, 1:00pm EDT
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Are you interested in international trade but unsure how to begin?  Have you selected the product or service you want to import or export?  Have you identified the area of the world where you are most likely to succeed?  Market research is critical for a successful trade effort.  Have you done any research for tentative products/services or identified foreign suppliers or partners? Import/export laws and regulations vary from country to country.  Do you have an understanding of the laws in the country where you’d like to do business? 
If you answered no to any of these questions, SCORE can help you get started.
In this session, we will briefly discuss these topics and spend some time on negotiating across cultures with potential partners. Join us to learn the basics of international business and discover the major aspects that differ when you try to bargain in another country. 
You will learn:
  • How to research what products/services you want to import or export 
  • How to locate the area of the world to initiate your product/service outside of the USA
  • The basics of importing or exporting products/services and the mistakes to avoid
  • Five differences in negotiating in another culture that must be understood to make a good deal

About the Presenter(s)

Dr. Joanne C. Preston

Joanne C. Preston is an internationally recognized management consultant who specializes in organizational development. With more than 35 years of experience, her past clients include IBM and Bank of America. Joanne has worked with companies and governments in China, Korea, Mexico, Argentina, England, Kenya, South Africa, USA and many others. She has worked closely with distinguished world...

 Kenneth  Wall

Kenneth Wall has a vast amount of experience in government, academia and the private sector. He has worked as a military officer with tours in the Pentagon involving intelligence programs, and as a squadron commander in Turkey where he acquired skills in managing civilian contractors and military personnel and working with foreign governments.  After retiring from the military, Kenneth has...

Starting Your International Business: What You Must Know and Where to Find It